Monday, February 18, 2008

First Sprite Comic

My first sprite comic is Link & Midna. A fun filled comic based on Link, Midna (The Legend of Zelda Series) and Me.

Link and Midna

Link, who a lot of people know (I hope your one of them) is famous. When The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was made, as with all Zelda installments, Link's popularity rose. The game had an all new Enemy, Zant. Zant is a Twili, a Twilight creature. There was also Midna. Midna is also a Twili. She is also the character that will give you help if you need it. This is based on Twilight Princess, I hope you like my comic.

NOTE: Most of these Sprites are not mine.

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Link - Link is the savior of Hyrule along with Midna. Link longs to destroy all evil.

Midna - Midna has a mission: But what is it? Vaati has appeared, cursing Midna. Midna seems to have a secret about Link...

Legend - Legend is the author of this comic. He has a motive of some sort, involving the Twilight Princess.

Princess Zelda - Princess Zelda is the ruler of Hyrule. This time, she has a important role. She is trying to get the Triforce before Vaati does.

Spikey Goomba - A goomba who wears a spikey hat. He loves to defeat monsters and sharpens his hat often.

Vaati - A strange person, he wants Midna and the Triforce. Will he get the Triforce before Zelda does?


Chapter 1 - The Capture
  • Chapter Cover
  1. Intro
  2. The Tent
  3. ??? Steps In
  4. Introducing... Link's new sprite!
  5. The Fight
  6. Vaati STRIKES!
  7. TORNADO!!!!!
  8. Swamp... And a chomper!
  9. Bugs! Bugs! And more Bugs!
  10. Link's TEMPER for Spiders
  11. A Fairy's Mission
  12. Return to the Tent
  13. Fight with a Spider (Part1)
  14. Fight with a Spider (Part2)
  15. New Makeover
  16. All in one shot! (Changed from '5 more bugs...')
  17. A bug. No two. THREE!?
  18. New teammate
  19. One last soul... (Part1)
  20. One last soul... (Part2)
Chapter 2 - The Rescue
  • Chapter Cover
  1. (21#) Transformation
  2. (22#) ??? the boss of Link?
  3. (23#) POP!, POP!, POP!
  4. (24#) Vaati!?
  5. (25#) Saving Midna
  6. (26#) That's Why!
  7. (27#) Bowser takes a Strike... Bowser Takes a Hike!
  8. (28#) PLEASE VOTE!
  9. (29#) Zelda's In, Softdusk's out
  10. (30#) A Found Link
Chapter 3 - Trapped and Lost
  • Chapter Cover
  1. (31#) A New World... Or is it?
  2. (32#) New Gifts for the Team
  3. (33#) Poe Sister Battle Part 1 (First animated Comic!)
4. (34#) Poe Sister Battle Part 2

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