Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poll 6# was... Strange.

Here are Poll 6's results:

  • 1 vote on "CHEESE!"
  • 1 vote on "Pie."
  • 1 vote on "Go Mewtwo!"
  • 1 vote on "^-^"
  • 2 votes on "???, I love you!"
  • 1 vote on "I invented: A secret invention of a opposite world machiney thing that will bring you to a world where Ganondorf is about to merry Midna and Link is fighting Rusl to marry Jigglypuff and then capture a Bonsly that's blue so he can wack samus and control h"
  • 1 vote on "er to eat Mario before Luigi saves him from king boo who
    got killed by bowser to find out where zelda is hiding my boxy-choobin?"
Well, "???, I love you!" won. I wonder who voted those......
The next two polls are "Who does ??? love?" and "Which is better?"

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