Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 1- A Hero's Nightmare

~ Chapter 1: A Hero’s Nightmare ~

Link was sorting through his old box of masks that he got from the country of Termina. And of coarse Link kept many useful masks, but the last one gave him a fright: The Fierce Deity Mask.

“Oh, I remember this monster: Oni. I won’t even think about-” began Link. But he suddenly put on the mask. He changed shape into a evil warrior.

Navi, a fairy and Link’s partner, was close by and heard a crash. She hurried inside Link’s house to see why. “LINK! GET THAT MASK OFF!” she yelled, forcing the mask off.

Navi knew what to do. She “lost” the mask in The Lost Forest.

Elsewhere, a young 16 year old boy found the mask. “This mask, this place, they are strange,” he said to himself.

Seeing interest in the mask, (and wanting shade from the heat) he put it on, and felt stranger then before.

He couldn’t control himself to take the mask off, and he was walking around destroying trees and slashing animals with thoughts that weren’t his. He had a long sword as tall as Link with two blades on it’s handle twisting around each other. He was also very tall and had no pupils with an evil look on his face.

Fierce Deity or "Oni"

He heard himself say “At last, I have someone to control!” His voice sounded horrid. “I must get this off,” thought the boy. He tried to take control, but he couldn’t move himself.

“Strange place…” thought the boy’s “extra thoughts”.

Then an Idea came to him. “If a concentrate very hard on moving my arms, I may be able to take this mask off!” thought the boy.

He tried with all his might to take control. Nothing. So he decided to see what the “living mask” would do.

It killed any living thing it could find in the forest (Just plants and animals, no people were found). He couldn’t stand wearing the mask any longer. “STOOOOOOOOP!” he screamed, somehow pulling off the mask.

He was going to leave the mask but felt sorry for the other people that might find it, and put the mask in his pocket. That’s when a giant eagle-monster like thing shot down a tree. The boy, whose name is Prince Elepso, jumped onto the monster’s wing.

The monster flew around in circles until Elepso let go and flew off to somewhere else.

Where Link and Navi are, Link said to Navi “Thanks Navi… That mask was so tempting to put on… I don’t know why.”

“It’s power.”

“What?!” Link said, turning. “Where is the mask!” said a Dark-haired man with all black clothes, a cape (black) and a large sword was standing at the door.

“It’s gone,” said Navi. “We… We threw it away.”

“GONE? YOU THREW AWAY ONI? THE MOST POWERFUL WARRIOR!” said the man in his rage, tackling Link. Navi screamed and Elepso ran in cutting the man’s cape. The man just chuckled and ran his sword threw Navi. He vanished, laughing a evil laugh.

“Navi…” Link said, picking up Navi softly. “Link… Get the mask… Destroy it…” Navi said, slowly dying. “I will avenge her,” said Link. “I will destroy that man!”

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