Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 2

~ Chapter 2: The Shadow’s Plot…? ~

“You mean you’re going to find that mask, destroy it and defeat that evil man!?” asked Elepso.

“Yes,” Link replied while packing stuff you would need for a long journey.

“I can-” started the Prince. “Look, I don’t need help,” Link said. When he finished packing he went for the door and said four final words: “Hyrule is in danger…”

Elepso reached for the Fierce Deity Mask in his pocket. Then he said, “Good. Still there.”

Meanwhile, at Hyrule castle, Princess Zelda was shouting at one of the guards. “I don’t care! Just find The Shadow!” she yelled at him, and he ran off to do what she ordered.

She started thinking about that “The Shadow” as he calls himself. He wanted the Fierce Deity Mask for some reason, and Zelda knew it was evil, so she refused to tell where it was. The Shadow was full of rage after she said that and he slashed his sword right threw the commander guard. Zelda hated this man after this, and whenever she hears his name or says his name, she feels rage boiling inside her.

Zelda heard some talking at the door and the guards that were standing there were coming in half-guiding Link and half-holding him. He had a large cut on his right side of the rib cage, and Zelda quickly helped him onto a bed while another guard went to get the doctor. But Link fainted by then.

Link woke up and with a bandage on his side, he said, “What about the mask……” he said weakly. “Link, calm down and tell me what happened,” Zelda said calmly while whipping up some medicine.

The Fierce Deity Mask lost… Man wants it… He killed Navi… I was coming to warn you… When Dark Link slashed me… Link said in a half whisper. “DARK LINK!?” Zelda shouted for the first time since Link woke up. But Link took no notice. He said one last sentence before drifting off to sleep: “Find the boy without pointy ears… Find him…

“What’s his name?” Zelda asked, but no use. Link was sleeping soundlessly.

Now if you are this far into the story you might wonder these questions:

“Who is this evil man, The Shadow maybe?” or “What does he want with Oni?” or What will happen if he succeeds?” or “What other lives will he take?”

Well Prince Elepso thought the same. And he wanted to help Link, so he went to the nearest town and found a library. He loves books, and they always have stuff he needs.

“Hello, how may I help you?” said the lady at the front desk.

“Yes, I’m looking for a book on Enchanted Masks,” Elepso said.

“Hm... We had that book a few years ago, but it was so rare that the Mountain Gorons took it (Not illegally) to their Legendary Library.” said the lady.

“Ok, thank you!” Elepso said and left. “Hm… Mountain Gorons. I don’t know what those are, but I don’t know what this place is either,” he though.

The Prince saw a mountain and figured the “Gorons” lived there, and started climbing.

Several hours later, Elepso got to a part on the mountain where a cave was open and went inside.

What he saw was big mountain colored creatures that were as tall as Link and were bald, but their bellies were large and round. They had large spikes on their backs and looked strong. “They must be the mountain Gorons,” thought the Prince.

“What business does human have here, Goro?” said the Goron. “I’m looking for a book in your Legendary Library,” said Elepso.

“No. Human complicate things Goro,” said the Goron. “WHAT do you mean!?” said the angry prince. “Complicate what?”

The Goron lowered his voice. “Complicate our problem.”

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