Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 3

~ Chapter 3: A Quest, A Mission ~

“Ever since an evil human named the Shadow asked for the Fierce Deity Mask and we didn’t have it, Goro, he cast magic on Brono.

“Brono was transformed into a monster and destroyed many, Goro!

We locked him in Dodongo’s Cavern but we can’t go in the cavern to eat now! So Goro, humans would just complicate this!”

“But I come to-” Elepso started. “Sorry Goro, to reason with going to help, you go there,” the Goron said, pointing at a cave with two Gorons guarding it.

The prince went to the Gorons. “Sorry, you cannot pass,” said the first Goron. “You may get hurt,” said the second.

Elepso wasn’t happy about this. He grabbed his golden-handled sword: it’s called Farory.

The Gorons, sensing danger, rolled into a ball. “COME OUT YOU COWARDS!” yelled the prince. He charged at them with Farory, but the ball they were rolled up in rolled over Elepso, and Farory flew in the air.

It landed in the cavern. The prince ran after it and the Gorons chased him.

Then Elepso picked up Farory ready to attack, but the Gorons rolled away.

Elepso looked up. A large metallic boar was looking at him. It exhaled lightning and the prince nearly dodged the attack.

“BRONO! STOP!” he yelled. But the boar, Brono, just snorted. It ran after Elepso. Elepso threw a card on the ground. It opened up and a animal with four wings, four hand with two claws and a cloud body came out. Elepso hopped onto it.

“WHOOO,” it said. “I’ll fire arrows while you fly around the room,” said the prince. He put away Farory and took a silver bow and a few steel arrows (although steel, they were surprisingly light).

Brono shot another lightning bolt at Elepso, but it hit Elepso’s steel arrow and it absorbed the bolt..

Elepso fired the electric-steel arrow at the wagging tail. Brono then was electrified and starting running faster. “This isn’t working well Snitchicloud,” the prince said to his cloudy animal.

But then Link appeared! He played a song on his ocarina called “The Song of Healing”. Brono stopped and transformed into a Goron. His boar face was a mask lying on the ground. All the Gorons came to greet Brono. “Thank you,” he said at Link and Elepso.

Elepso picked up the boar mask. “I wonder…” he thought. “Why did you come here?” he asked Link. “I felt you needed my help,” Link replied.

Link and Elepso went to read a book on Enchanted Masks:

There are many Enchanted Masks, like a Deku mask or even Goron mask. But the most legendary mask is The Fierce Deity Mask. It has a evil spirit of Oni, the warrior with powers unimaginable. To free a mask’s spirit you must find the five flames of life, put the mask on the Twilight altar and say ‘Kenjou Souvinia Klay’. The mask will then escape . . .

“We have to get the flames of life before the Shadow does, or he could destroy us with Oni’s power!” said Link. Brono overheard this and gave them a bottle with a blood-red flame inside it. “This is one flame of life. Keep it as a token of saving me Goro,” he said, then walked away.

“So who are you?” Link asked.

“I,” Elepso said in a royal way. “I am Prince Elepso, son of Corin: The king of Vasesar!”

“Okay prince, but I’m still in charge,” Link stated. Then he played a song on his Ocarina. A horse came to him with a note on it.

Link, this is Malon;

PLEASE HELP US! The ranch is being destroyed! A man named the Shadow cursed one of our cows and now it is digging a hole in the-

The note had a large rip on it.

“We go,” said Link, jumping on his horse with Elepso.

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