Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 4

~ Chapter 4: Stella ~

Link’s horse, Epona, rode off to the Lon Lon Ranch. Link was thinking about what they were going to do about Oni and The Shadow. Elepso said “How did you get yourself into this mess?” to himself.

The Ranch was up ahead, on fire. A large hole was in its center: the horse’s stable. Two figures were passing buckets to another two. And they pored its contents on the fire. Epona hurried to them.

“Link! I’m glad my healing potions worked on you, but please, hurry!” It was Zelda. The other figures Impa (Some people call her Zelda’s guardian), Malon the ranch girl, and Talon, her father.

“Link,” Malon said sadly. “Please go in that large hole and save our cow. It made off with our flame. Please get the flame back.” Link rode to the hole and Epona stopped. Link and Elepso walked down the hole. It was deep, and dark: Elepso couldn’t see his hand in front of his own face. But Link was prepared. He had a lantern, and lit it with ease. They then walked along in the cave.

After an hour Elepso broke the silence and said, “Link, what is this- this ‘Hyrule’?”

“The country you and I are breathing in right now. But where do you come from?” Link replied. Elepso hesitated for a moment (he didn’t know if he wanted to use half of the next page) and then said this:

“Vasesar,” he said in a longing way. “I come from there, I was born there. My father is Corin: he came to Vasesar with my mother Jill, a while ago and found out he wasn’t really a human but Sietrin (They look like humans but can hold their breath longer and are taller then most humans the same age as them) who was kidnapped at birth. He married Jill and sometime later she birthed me and,” Elepso paused, “and Caper. We are twins. When me and Caper were doing our everyday sword practice, when our enemy, The Shadow, threatened mother,” Elepso shuddered. “I tackled The Shadow, messing up his spell and sent us here.”

“Well I’ve saved Hyrule and now they call me ‘The Hero of Time’,” Link wanted to continue, but a “Whoaaa!” from Elepso interrupted him. Elepso slipped down the tunnel: it was now steep like a slide. Link slipped a few seconds after. It reminded him of when he rolled around as a goron with the goron mask.

They slipped and slid, rode the rocks and tripped over the stones; they dashed tunnel to tunnel, finally landing on soft ground.

“Ouch, that’ll hurt in the morning,” Link stated. “I wonder how deep we are now.”

Then the ground flinched.

“What’s with the ground?” Elepso asked. “Its bouncy and alive.” Link’s eyes widened, and he pushed Elepso off the violet covered ground and jumped off himself.

The ground got up. It was no ground! It’s a giant snake! And its violet scales are like needles. It’s deep violet eyes had a worried look in them. It was the biggest snake Link ever saw.

Link unsheathed his sword. Elepso did so also. “Put those away,” it was the snake. “I am no threat. I am the ground guardian. My sisters of Water, Sky and Forest sense a disturbance in the land. Follow me to reach the next flame.”

The great Snake turned around and tunneled its way so fast that it had to stop several times. It went left and right, down and up and all manner of strange paths. Finally, they reached a underground clearing. A large mansion towering high above them.

“In there is the cow and a flame of life.” said the snake.

“Wait, before you go. . . What’s your name?” Elepso asked.


The great snake then slithered away. But Elepso remembered the deep violet of her eyes, scales and spirit.

When Link and Elepso got to the door of the large mansion, it creaked open without being touched. And a moaning greeted them.

“Talk about creepy.” Elepso said.

A low, feeble voice called to them.

“Get out. . . Get lost. . . Or join the dead!”

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