Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 5 - The Change in his Plan

~ Chapter 5: The Change in his Plan ~

“Link, is his name?” said a dark cloaked-man.

“Yes. His name is Link.” echoed a terrified white face with ginger sorrowful eyes and wearing black clothes.

“We must get rid of Link and Elepso, Gallas,” dark-cloaked man planned.

“Yes, yes master Shadow.” said Gallas.

“Why did Princess Zelda have to heal Link after I stabbed him! He could have been out of the way for a week! Stupid Zelda,” said The Shadow.

“Yes, yes,” Gallas trembled slightly.

“Well, that is still fine. Link and Elepso can get them for us,” The Shadow chuckled.

“You mean, the Flames, master?”

“Yes. The Flames of Life.” The Shadow got down from his throne in the Stone Palace. His long cloak dragged across the floor.

“They have one flame already, and when they get more, Oni will be ours!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Get out. . . Get lost. . .”

“That voice again!” Elepso’s voice rang out. Link sighed. The voice that keeps moaning and saying “Get out. . . Get lost. . .” has gotten Elepso in a bad mood.

Link’s lantern was growing dim. The hours ticked by.

The long dark hall of the mansion had bookcases with many dusty titles. The Creation of Hyrule interested Elepso, but Link urged him to move on. The cobwebs were full of dangling bugs, and the floor was full of littered books, jars and ripped carpet.

After what seemed like forever, the hall forked into an upper ladder and lower ladder.

“Which way?” Elepso peered down the lower ladder.

“I say we go up,” Link said quickly after seeing skulls down the lower ladder.

“I agree.”

Elepso and Link climbed up the old ladder and it creaked.

“Get out. . . Get lost. . .”

The voice sounded close. Then a strange floating ball with arms appeared, grabbed the ladder’s top end and started shaking it.

“Weeeeeee aaare going to fall!” Elepso stammered. He was losing his grip on the ladder. He tumbled down the ladder and then Link grabbed his tunic. The armed-ball, which seems to be a ghost, said “Get out! Get lost!”

Elepso took Farory out of its sheath. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT!” the prince yelled, throwing Farory at the ghost. It went straight threw the ghost and the ghost vanished. Farory hit the ceiling and got stuck.

Elepso grabbed the ladder and they climbed to the top. But when they got there, they were where they started. So Link said “Lets go down this time, maybe it will lead us up. . .”

“But how-?”

But Link already started climbing. Elepso shrugged, and then followed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As soon as Elepso shrugged, The Shadow yelled in rage. “YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT ELEPSO HAD THE MASK ALL ALONG!?”

“Yes. . . I saw it in his pocket.” Said the ghost who fought Elepso and Link.


THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! WRETCHED BALL!!!!!!!!!” The Shadow kicked the ghost into a green flame of life. “At least we have the green flame of life. . .” Said the Shadow.

The Shadow sat down onto his silver throne. Gallas, who was watching the whole scene, shivered.

“Gallas, we must get the Blue flame, so what you must do is this. . .”

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