Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Troublesome Mask: Chapter 8

~ Chapter 7: Battle the Shadow~

“Suntrio! Light wave!”

A large wall of light moved towards Civitivion. When the light passed over Civitivion, it cried out in pain and rage.

“Light Wave. A hardly useful attack unless you are fighting creatures with the Dark, Alien, Ghost or Psychic elements. And Civitivion has Dark, Psychic and Ghost elements.” CL rang out.

“Mind Power, Civitivion!”

Civitivion closed his eyes. A purple haze of energy surrounded Suntrio. When the haze disappeared, Suntrio looked dazed.

“That psychic mind of Civitivion’s has had its fun. Suntrio is dazed. It doesn’t know what’s happening.” CL said.

“Suntrio, Concentrate!”

Suntrio closed its eyes and stopped moving. “SUNTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEO!”

“Concentrate healed off Suntrio’s confused and dazed state.” CL enounced.

“Civitivion! Flash Punch!”

A large hand with a white glove appeared. The hand punched Suntrio, very hard, but very fast.

“Suuuuuuun.” Suntrio groaned, falling to the ground.

“Suntrio faints. Civitivion wins.”

“I win. Hand over the girl.” The Shadow said.

“Wait! Battle me at a fight. A fight without weapons! A duel,” Zelda challenged.

She then started glowing so much that you wouldn’t been able to look at her. She transformed. She became Sheik.

“Very impressive princess, but your Sheikah skills won’t stop me!” The Shadow aimed a punch for Sheik’s head, but Sheik dodged and grabbed The Shadow’s other arm. The Shadow kicked Sheik and he (although Zelda is a girl, Sheik is a strange form of hers that is a boy) lost his grip on The Shadow.

Sheik jumped into the air and aimed a kick at The Shadow. It hit, and blood stained The Shadow’s cloak. “You’ll pay for that, Princess.”

The Shadow raised both his hands up. His shape blurred. Suddenly, another Sheik, all black with The Shadow’s red eyes was standing in his place.

Sheik was stuck in awe to react. “Dark Sheik” took his chance. He grabbed Sheik’s leg, lifting Sheik, and threw him into Elepso.

The Fierce Diety Mask flew into the air.

Elepso shouted, “No!”

Link gasped in surprise of Elepso having the mask all along.

“Yes! Finally I have Oni! Now I need the flames.” The Shadow, back to his former self, took two black handled swords from his sheath.

Elepso unsheathed his sword, but Link was quicker then him. Link, clutching his sword, walked in front of the Shadow.

“I swore that I would kill you after you killed Navi. And today might just be that unfortunate day for you.” Link stated.

“I swear I will taste the power of rule. . . Even if you do succeed,” The Shadow promised.

The Shadow lunged forward at Link, aiming his sword at Link’s left shoulder. But Link swung his sword up to block the attack.

Link slashed The Shadow’s arm, but he dodged and got a short cut.

The Shadow swung both his swords at Link’s head, but Link ducked, and stretched his hands out at The Shadow’s legs, making him trip.

Link brought his sword down at The Shadow, but a moment before that the Shadow said “Earth Rath!” and the ground started shaking wildly. Link fell to the ground from the quake and The Shadow leaped back up.

He went for the dazed Link. But Stella stretched her hand at The Shadow and yelled “Lightning!”

Several things happened at once: a surge of Electricity hit The Shadow, Malon and Link went to help Link, the earth quake rebounded some of the lightning onto Stella and Elepso ran at The Shadow with Farory at hand.

He swung his sword at the Shadow, but The Shadow vanished.

It took some time, but in the end everything was settled. Stella planned with Link and Elepso, and they came to this conclusion: The next Flame of Life was in the Gerudo Desert.

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