Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Troublsome Mask: Chapter 6

~ Chapter 6: CREATURE~

“Zelda, I’m sure they are okay. Don’t worry so much.” Malon comforted.

“But they’ve been in there for hours, what if something happened?” Zelda sobbed.

They have the Triforce of courage, and you know how powerful it is,” Malon said.

“Your right, I’m sorry about the fuss. I’m just worried that they’ll get cursed like that cow.” Zelda forced a smile.

“Come on, let’s have some nice tasty Lon Lon Milk,” And Malon then ran to her roof-burned house.

Zelda sighed, then slowly followed.

Inside the house were chickens, clucking and roosting everywhere. Zelda counted them. They’re were 14. Talon and Impa were doing their best to fix the broken roof.

Malon opened a cupboard that was crammed with foods and drinks.

“Let’s see. . . Lon Lon Milk. . .” Malon muttered. “Ah, here it is!”

She reached into the cupboard and pulled out a glass jug filled with milk. It had a cow face painted on it and the words “Lon Lon Milk”.

Malon poured a cup for Zelda, and then a cup for herself. But before they could even have a sip, they heard a large bang outside. Zelda, Malon and Impa went to see the commotion.

A seven year-old girl with violet eyes, clothes, hair and cloak was standing in front of them.

“Great Heavens! That was a sure-good transformation!” she said.

“Hello, I’m-” Malon started.

“-Malon,” the girl finished.

“And this is-”


“And we would like to know-”

“-who I am. Yes, well, I’m Stella, the great ground guardian,”-Malon Gasped at this-“and I’ve transformed into a 7-year old Hyrulian. And finally, my aches are gone! Being seven beats 1213, Right?” Stella laughed at her own joke. Her laugh was soothing- Malon loved its sound.

A light flashed, and there stood The Shadow.

“Hand over the little girl, and nobody gets hurt!” The Shadow yelled. (For he was several feet away)

“Oh, like we’d listen to you, of all people!” Zelda shouted back.

“Oh, so you want to fight. Heh heh. Very well.” The Shadow held up a Card like Elepso’s Snitchicloud one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, Link and Elepso found a large door, a dead cow and a bottle with a flame the color of Stella’s eyes. Elepso reached for Farory on the low ceiling and Link took the flame. They then walked through the door.

Fact: There are already 230 known Creatures, and the list keeps growing!

They appeared beside Stella.

"Link! Elepso!” Zelda said, and she hugged Link. “Your both okay.”

“What happened to our cow?” Malon asked.

"It. . . It was found dead,” Elepso answered.

"Ah, Link and Elepso. So we meet again,” The Shadow said.

“What is that card for?” Impa asked.

“It’s a Blurb. It’s for holding Creatures.” The Shadow answered.

“A Creature?”

Cosmic Reliable Endless Animals That Unleash Remarkable Eternities, and The Shadow wants to battle with me,” Elepso explained.

“Yes, a Creature Battle.” The Shadow placed his card on the ground. The Creature in it vanished on the card, and appeared in front of them.

The Creature was a tall ghost-like body was in front of them. It was hovering above the ground with no legs or arms. It’s shirt was green with a Purple eye symbol on it. Wind was coming from where its arms and legs would be. It’s head, the only source of skin besides it’s neck, had blue skin. It wore a neat helmet on it’s head that covered most of the head, for only it’s right eye and mouth could be seen.

Elepso’s pocket ringed. He reached into it and pulled out a card that was talking. This card is called Creature List or CL for short.

Civitivion, the Gender-Psychic Creature. It is very trust worthy to its owner. It is also very strong. All Civitivion are Male, and are hard to find.

To get one, Evolve Civitive by giving it a Moon Fossil.”

“Civitivion, eh? Well I choose this one!” Elepso said, and placed his own blurb on the ground.

Three spheres attached to each other with needles sticking out of them appeared. It was very bright.

Suntrio, the Triple Sun Creature. It has enough light to light up a whole city. It is said Suntrio came to be when triplet sun merged together. Most Suntrio today are extinct, but if you have revived three Sunray in the sunlight, it will become Suntrio.”

Elepso and The Shadow glared at each other. So the enemies shall fight again.

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