Sunday, November 23, 2008

CHAPTER 8 for A Troublesome mask! Yay!

~Chapter 8: The Gerudo Desert~

The next day Link and Elepso set off for the Gerudo desert. It took an hour or two, which felt like forever. But they finally reached the Gerudo’s city. When they entered, Link was greeted. Elepso, however, was not. Elepso asked Link, “Why do they greet only you and why are they all women?”

“Because long ago they didn’t like to have visitors, but I snuck into their place and freed all the carpenters they kidnapped, which impressed their leader. I then had to fight their leader, and I won. They let me come here as I please now. And the reason they are all women is because they only get a male every 100 years,” Link answered.

When Link and Elepso were at the gate that led to the desert, they were stopped. The guard there said, “Halt! You must have a boar to ride through these sandstorms!”

“But we have to get through! Isn’t a horse enough?” Link said, calling Epona, whom just arrived.

“Orders are orders. So sorry.”

“Now what?” Link asked Elepso.

Elepso held up the boar mask he got from Brono in response. Link knew what he was thinking. Link took the mask and showed Epona. “We have to turn you into a boar for a little while, okay?”

Epona neighed.

“I know you hate this idea. . . I wouldn’t want to become from a beautiful horse to a boar either, but we have to stop the Shadow.”

Epona neighed.

“How about some apples?”

Epona slightly neighed.

“And some carrots.”

Epona silently nodded.

Link slowly placed the mask on Epona’s face. Suddenly, her shape blurred. She transformed into a boar.

Link and Elepso climbed onto Epona and the guard let them pass. They rode into the desert.

“I can’t see anything.” The Prince’s eyes were stinging, full of sand.

“Me either. But Boars can, and Epona knows where to go. To the Spirit temple,” Link said calmly.

Or at least I hope I can get there, Epona thought. She had to do this for Link. And that Elepsant boy. He smells like apples.

The ride took a long time and Elepso gave Epona an apple every little while. Soon The Prince fell asleep. When he woke up, he was lying down beside a tree in an oasis. Link and Epona were drinking and cleaning their eyes.

Elepso dunked his whole head into the water then had a drink. The cold water tasted delightful.

After a half hour rest, Link and Elepso climbed back on Epona.

Hours later, they reached the temple. Link told Epona to stay outside, and he went into the temple with Elepso.

The Temple had a large serpent statue at first. It seemed to glare at them. A stairway was ahead of them. The two ran up the stairs, and at the top they found a Stone pedestal with an hourglass on it. Elepso ignored the hourglass and took a look around.

The walls were covered with strange Symbols and the room looked like a large sunroom. The windows, on the walls and ceilings, had the sunlight everywhere. The Hourglass sparkled in the light. A torch was extended from the wall, and a yellow flame was burning on it.

“The Flame!” Elepso pointed at the torch for Link to see.

“Bravo.” Said a familiar voice.

Link and Elepso turned around. It was The Shadow.

“How did you-”

“You’ve led us here.” The Shadow chuckled. “Gallas, get them.”

A pale faced man holding a bag and a hammer came up the stairs. He hit Elepso and Link with the hammer, and put them in the bag.

Elepso was dreaming of destruction. What was happening? Oni escaped and destroyed the world. . .

Just then, Elepso woke up chained to a wall with Link.

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