Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chapter 9 of A Troublsome Mask - THE END

~Chapter 9: A Released Warrior~

The five Flames of Life were all in the center of the room, and The Shadow went to an Altar and put the Fierce Diety Mask on it.

The Shadow strode over to the prisoners.

“Yes, finally I will have Oni’s powers to help me rule the earth!” The Shadow smirked.

“Why don’t you go back to your world? Why torment us!?” Link yelled at The Shadow.

“Because after Elepso attacked me and messed up my spell, I had no idea on how to do it again!”

“I’m sorry Link. This is my fault,” Elepso apologized.

“No it isn’t. It’s no one’s fault. No one’s except The Shadow’s,” Link said.

“Sir, let’s start the process,” Gallas whispered.

The Shadow ran to the front of the altar, long cloak trailing behind him.

“Flames! Burn Bright!”

The five flames of life brightened to light in response.


The Five Flames lifted into the air.


The Flames started swirling around The Shadow over and over.


The Flames got even brighter. Too bright to watch.

They all gathered around the Mask, and ignited the mask to flame.

The Molecules of The Shadow’s structure couldn’t take it. It was like his very atoms were screaming. His body started splitting up into tiny black squares, like machete. All the tiny black squares got sucked into the flame.

The force of the power did the same to Gallas.

Link and Elepso stared in awe at the Shape that came from the fire- The Warrior Oni.

“So I finally meet the ones who wore me as the mask,” Oni’s voice was powerful. Like a dagger piercing your heart.
The Half-god laughed.
Elepso felt sick. Then he remembered his dream.

It was coming true.

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