Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Quest Of Courage, the Second Book!

Preview of the next Book:

A Quest of Courage


The Twilight Queen looked at the sky. Her kingdom was in peril. The creatures of another world have been attacking them severely. It was dreadful.

One of The Queen’s many guards came to her. He was with a Shadow Depth Warrior.

“My lady,” said the guard, bowing. “I have brought you a Shadow Warrior from the Light world who has requested to see you.”

“Your Majesty,” said the warrior, and lowered his head in respect. “I apologize for any inconvenience.”

“No, it’s fine.” said the Queen.

The Warrior, like all Warriors from the Shadow Depths, had all black clothes and red eyes. His skin was pale-white. Which was unusual because most Shadow warriors had black skin. Maybe his contact with the light world change him.

“Yes, well, I was wondering, if you could help me get our of here and let me use your Twilight people to attack Hyrule, because there is this evil boy trying to make it an evil home.” He asked.

“That would wreck the Twilight Mirror. . . And how can I trust you?” the Queen answered.

“I’m not easy to turn down,” The Shadow said, and before the Queen could do or say anything, he placed a strange red necklace around her neck. “Now, will you help me?”


“Now make sure you get us to the Light world.”

“I will.”

“And we must destroy Link and Elepso!”

“I will.”

The Man smirked. So his plan of releasing Oni didn’t work . . . but this plan will get him to be ruler. Even with Oni as his enemy.

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