Thursday, August 19, 2010

Without an Update.... It's in my room!

AHA! I'm back! Thought I was dead, didn't ya'? Well, I'm not! I'm alive and well! Summers are very busy, is all. But it's starting to get colder up here in ol' Canada, eh?

Like my Canadian impression? I myself am Canadian.

Anyways, onto the topic of the day, my update that I want to put up is in my bedroom, but Chibi's sleeping in there. I'm going to go in there anyway, retrieve my update, bring it out, and upload it to the website. It may take a little bit because I have to scan it into the computer, so be patient.

I hope I don't wake up Chibi.....

Btw, on a side note, Lily (my puppy) got spayed last week. She had to wear a cone so she wouldn't lick her stitches. Poor thing. Fortunately, she's had a good week and she has recovered greatly, and now she doesn't wear the cone. =D

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