Friday, October 1, 2010

Mofy Comic 3 through to 5!

 Well, It's been a while. What, a month, maybe?

No worries. With the gradual progress of winter coming, I'm going to be stuck inside making things to upload more often.

Because of the lack of recent updates, I'm updating with three Mofy Comics. Are you sick of Mofy? No worries, I'm going to try updating something new soon. :)

So, I was actually going to update sooner (three weeks ago), but just before I was going to update I got distracted with something and forgot.

Then last week, my computer's internet was buggy and I couldn't go online.
 But today, my internet works. I've got a comment on the last post, asking for more posts. I decided to do so.

And, with that, I have finished my excuse.

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