Saturday, January 15, 2011

Farm Blocks: Day and Night

In Farm Blocks, there is a daytime and a nighttime. Each phase is five minutes long.

What a beautiful day!
Daytime is safe. No monsterous threats are around.

Hi, Mister Pig!
During the day, pigs will spawn (appear) on an average of 2 per minute. 

Hey, it's nighttime. Who's that green guy?
Nighttime is a nightmare. Pigs cease to spawn, and meat-eating Zombies appear!

Oh no! A Zombie!
Zombie will stalk only for the player.
Run, piggy, run!
Zombie may take pigs as a passing snack, but they will not stop for them.

Help! I don't have fall-from-a-tree insurance.
Zombies are low of intelligence. They can't climb trees. They just stand and growl at you.

Where did the Zombies go?
Fortunately, Zombies burn in the daylight. Be careful they don't start a forest fire.

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