Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farm Blocks: Seasons

Seasons are a natural part of life, right? Well, they're apart of Farm Blocks as well.

It's warm out, isn't it?
Whenever someone starts the game, the season is Summer. There is nothing unusual about it.

Hey, the trees are wearing red today!
In the Autumn (or Fall), the trees turn a beautiful red, and the grass turns a dull colour.

Hey, isn't that snow?
In the winter, the leaves on trees die, and snow falls!

A winter wonderland!
Eventually the ground gets covered in snow, which can be picked up and placed as a snow block. 
And look! Ice freezes, too.

Too bright! My EYES! AUGH!
Then comes Spring. In spring, leaves and grass are extremely bright.

Oh, its Summer again!

Later on, I can add season-specific plants, mobs, and effects. Just think of all the possiblities!

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