Monday, February 28, 2011

Farm Blocks: Ores

Ore are chunks of rock with minerals trapped inside them. In Farm Blocks, you can find a variety of ores (I added ores yesterday, actually).

Time to go mining.
There are five ores: coal, copper, iron, gold and platinum. Coal is the most common, copper and iron are second-most common, gold is the second-rarest and platinum is the rarest ore in the entire game.

Time to dig, dig, dig, dig!
Coal can be used to cook pork or smelt the other ores.

So is this where santa gets his coal supply?
Copper will be used to make electrical circuits.

Should I mine some iron ore gold?
Gold will be used to make useful objects, such as a lanturn.

Listed are the ores.
Iron and platinum will be used to make powerful tools. Platinum is pretty rare, though, at a rate of 0-2 platinum ores per area.
And those are the ores. I've only coded uses for coal, but sometimes in the near-future I will have uses for other ores as well.

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